Club-2035 is a joint project of the Valdai International Discussion Club and JSC Russian Venture Company, focused on the discussion of the main challenges of the future and their impact on the world and Russian politics.

The project’s goal is to describe, based on expert discussions, socio-economic and socio-political consequences of accelerated technological development scenarios in Russia and globally on the horizon of 2035.

The project's objective is to prepare of scenarios of socio-economic and political development in the context of the technological revolution, the development of recommendations for public authorities and the private sector.

The world has entered a period of fundamental changes and massive upheaval. Revolutionary changes in technology led to changes in the socio-economic model of development, and this in turn leads to the political transformation of global, regional and national scale. Vectors are so varied that determining their results is a massive intellectual challenge. Meanwhile, it is in this atmosphere of uncertainty that the path of the future becomes the most sought-after commodity, the reference point, necessary for each state to formulate its strategy. To date, in fact, no one possesses such an image, but the issue of creating it is a particularly acute issue in Russia.

The future is speculative, but it impacts and structures current behavior and the development of individual human beings and society as a whole and determines a vector for motivation and values. Large-scale changes taking place in the technology markets of Russia and the world, increase damand for various visionary concepts that describe the cultural-psychological, socio-economic and political consequences of technological innovation.