Club-2035 is a permanent discussion platform for the development of future scenarios in the context of rapid technological and socio-economic development.

To understand the challenges of the coming technological reality, the rational analytical level is insufficient. Intuition of experts from all kinds of sectors is needed in order to identify the expected risks and develop their own understanding of "the direction of the main attack." Forming of a relevant image of the future in the public conscience is a prerequisite for the success of any changes.

Based on the past expertise, accumulated earlier in the project, initiated by RVC in 2015, the Valdai Discussion Club and RVC will reach a higher and more open level, expanding the Club’s membership the audience.

In 2017, meetings in club format will be held with the participation of Club-2035 members, as well as Valdai and Russian Venture Company experts on the development of the forecast scenarios of the socio-economic development of society. These concepts are expected to be discussed at the open meetings with participation of representatives of the press and external experts, depending on the thematic focus of the discussion. Content generated after events (releases, analytical reports, photo reports, expert interviews, infographics, etc.), will be published on special pages of the Valdai Club and RVC websites.